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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Exploring Gosford

So I got a rare day off my Optometry studies - a day to relax and enjoy life =) And despite the wintery climate, today really felt like Spring - sunshine and warmth everywhere!

I was doing a favour for a friend, driving us both up there today. Gosford is a lovely town, about 45 minutes north of Sydney on the F3 Freeway. Getting there at 12pm, we felt a little peckish, so our first task was to refuel and recharge... not the car - us!

We walked past this small cafe - Bodyfuel. A quick scan of the menu, and I was uncertain whether this place would be suitable... all "healthy" food!

(Yes Louise, stop comment about my choice of devourment)

The coffee here was reasonable - $3.70 for a regular size sit-in.

Lunch was rather decent in my opinion:

I couldn't quite decide what to get, eventually settling on a Satay Chicken sandwich. I didn't realise it, but having it sit-in means that you get the sandwich with a serving of salad, all for $12.90. Fair price, fair food =)

Being honest: I don't eat much 'rabbit food', so it didn't make much of a difference. Though I did finish it all off (Louise, aren't you proud of me?)
My friend ordered the salad with lemon chicken... and I have to admit: it was good!
The chicken was nice in both of our servings, but having the mayo/aioli (I don't know the difference) with a hint of zing does make it taste SOOO much better. $16.90 for a plate of chicken and salad is too expensive for my tastes... though I admit I would be a touch crazy to not have that next time!

Bodyfuel Cafe (Gosford)
Shop 1,
William Court,
Gosford NSW 2250.

Directions: corner-cafe tucked just off the main road (Mann Rd), 1 minute walk up the William St laneway.

Opening hours:
6AM to 5PM weekdays

Link: http://www.bodyfuel.com.au/home.html

Body Fuel Cafe on Urbanspoon 

Over the next hour, my friend was busy with things to do... good thing I planned ahead and brought my camera for this outing =D

So I went for a short drive around town, enjoying the time away from Sydney... 

Oh I do miss the peace and tranquility up there in Gosford! First I went over to Grahame Park - a grassy patch to relax and sunbathe near the waterside. It's right opposite the Bluetongue Stadium, the home of the local A-League team Central Coast Mariners FC.

Sit back, relax, watch the train go by (approx 2 per hour - had to wait almost 20 minutes for this one)... and just absorbing the sunlight... Ahhhhhhhhh

Next: Pioneer Park. Nothing much here unfortunately - it's the southern-most tip of central Gosford, but had trees right along the shoreline, obscuring any decent views. Fortunately, there was a toilet in the bush (I was needing to go...).
The only other feature there is the cemetery and the War Memorial there, marking out the resting places of the early folk.

Soon enough, it was time to head back to civilisation. Getting back in the car, zooming southbound for the 45 minute drive back to Sydney. Time for one last meal before we split up - so we got off the freeway and followed the signs to Hornsby to one of my favourites: Blu Watergrill cafe.

For a simple night out, or just all round good food, you'll be able to enjoy the menu at Blu. We were still a little early for the dinner menu, but the lunch selections are just as reasonable (not as varied... but who's being picky when you have a full page to choose from!). Lunch will set you back between $15-30, with the dinner choice range $20-$40 from memory.

Hmmmm what to choose... it all looks yummy!
I wasn't too hungry at this point (about 5 hours after lunchtime), so I chose the cheapest item on the lunch menu: another sandwich, for $15.

How was I to know "chicken, tomato, cheese (and other ingredients) on " is a fancy way of saying "sandwich"!!

No regrets - it IS a good sandwich, with a fair serving of salad on the side. Although they went a bit overboard with the dress - too salty and heavy in my opinion.

My friend's choice: the (entree-sized) prawn spaghettini - which is creamy and filling! This set us back $19.90 for the entree sized portion, and $25.90 for the main-size. Sorry for my bias here, but the main-size is man-size - there just sooo much of it!!

Location: Blu Watergrill
Shop B22
Westfield Shoppingtown
Florence St, Hornsby 2077

Getting here: it's on the external side (Central Fountain courtyard) of Hornsby Westfield, 10 minutes stroll from the station, and is hard to miss.
Parking: 3 hours free (at this time) at Westfield Shoppingtown, with plenty of off-street parking (some 2P, some untimed).

Link: http://www.bluwatergrill.com.au/
Cost: $15 - $30pp Lunch
$20 - $40 pp Dinner
Drinks: $5++
Desserts - not mentioned here, but is quite nice in my opinion.

Tip for the future: come at night, around 6.30-8pm for the serenader =)

Blu Water Grill on Urbanspoon


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